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Our Vision

We aim to demonstrate that electric vehicle conversions are a viable, cost-effective solution to the twin problems of clean-air and carbon emissions. We have bought a used London black cab and will remove the polluting diesel engine, exhaust and fuel systems and replace with a clean electric motor and batteries.


Clean Air

Air pollution in our cities is far worse than we realised. Zero emissions vehicles are essential in solving this quickly.


Less Waste

Repurposing existing vehicles is key to avoiding the huge carbon footprint of manufacturing all new vehicles.


Shared Ownership

How we use vehicles is changing, sharing the cost will ensure clean sustainable transport is available for all.


Practical Vehicles

We are building long life vehicles by combining highly efficient electric motors and durable London black cabs.


Benefits of retrofitting

The double crises of air pollution in our cities and global warming demand the transition to electric vehicles as quickly as possible.  However, new electric vehicles are expensive and the carbon footprint for the manufacture of a new electric vehicle is 3.8x higher than converting an existing car. It is a truly sustainable solution that is good for our health, good for the planet and good for our wallets.

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Sponsor us

To achieve this, we need your help. We have bought the cab and we are investing significant amounts of time.  We continue to invest more of our own money and time, however we can’t make this project a reality without you.

Sponsoring us will:

  • Promote your brand as eco friendly

  • Support entrepreneurial community business

  • Make you part of the story

  • Give you branded video, image and text content

  • Get use of the cab at your promotional events

The completed prototype will be put to use in a local community for car sharing and ride sharing.  We want the cab to be used as much as possible and will be testing how people might want to use transport that is clean and hassle free.


Who we are

We are two engineers who have set up a social enterprise. We aim to show that electric-retrofitting is a viable alternative to the status quo and build into a profitable business.

Follow the project

Let’s stay in touch. We will send updates on the conversion and its life around periodically, leave your email address below to get project updates.


What's next?

Once the concept has been proven, we will repeat with future conversions.  We will create a retrofitting business around this initial conversion and help communities transition to a zero-carbon, zero-pollution future .

To learn more, leave your email address below or contact us at: